What is the snowball effect?

Each subsequent ARC you list on BookSirens generally gets more readers and reviews than the one before. We call this phenomenon the snowball effect. How does this happen?

When a reader reviews your book 4 or more stars on BookSirens, we encourage them to follow you on BookSirens. When you list your next ARC, we notify your BookSirens followers immediately via email and website notifications, and we continue to promote it to new readers in our 30,000+ reader community. Your follower count typically grows with each promotion. Therefore, each subsequent ARC you list attracts your followers from before plus any new readers we find. This creates a snowball effect, leading to more buzz with every launch!

It is not uncommon for authors to have multiple hundreds of followers on BookSirens if they've listed several ARCs with us over many months / years. And the best part is that these followers are readers who've rated your work 4+ stars and are keen to support you by writing more reviews!

Note: If you anticipate launching several ARCs over the next 12 months, you may want to consider our yearly plan to save costs over a single promotion plan.

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