Why should I promote on BookSirens instead of somewhere else?

Ideally, you should promote your ARCs on as many platforms as you are comfortable with. 
But in case you are deciding between multiple sites, following are a few reasons we believe BookSirens is the best pick:
  1. You Have Little to Lose: Our model is unique in that you have near zero upfront risk to add your book to our platform; just the one-time $10 listing fee per book. After that, readers will start seeing your book and you only pay if they download it. You can stop the promotion at any time and you can set a cap on the number of readers who can download your book, so your costs stay in control. In comparison, many other review services ask for higher upfront payments and still don't guarantee anything.
  2. Grow Your ARC Team: We make it very convenient for readers to join your ARC / street team outside of BookSirens (ex. your ARC reader mailing list, VIP reader club, etc...). This is important because your mailing list and reader groups are marketing channels that remain completely in your control in the long term. In comparison, many review services don't share reader emails nor make it especially easy for readers to join your personal ARC team, presumably because it might make you less reliant on them in future.

  1. High Review Rate: We have safeguards in place to keep our download-to-review rate high — around the ~75% mark. We accomplish this by limiting how many books readers can download at once, vetting readers' Goodreads and Amazon profiles before they download a book, and making the experience awesome for book lovers who genuinely enjoy writing reviews.

  1. High Level of Control: One of the biggest risks of using a service to send out ARCs is that you don't know who is going to read your book. To alleviate this risk, you can opt in to having readers request your ARC as opposed to immediately download it. When a reader requests your ARC, you receive details about the reader (see below). Then you have the final say on whether they can get your ARC or not.

Request Feature

  1. Reach Readers of Influence: Being book bloggers ourselves, we originally designed BookSirens to help ourselves and other book bloggers get ARCs. We are still book bloggers at heart — even though we don't get much time to blog nowadays 😳  — and have over 1000+ book bloggers, bookstagrammars, and booktubers who use BookSirens to discover new ARCs. They have a cumulative following of over a million readers. Protip: you can browse the entire list using our book blogger directory, which is completely free to use.
  2. Invite Other Readers: In addition to having us promote your book to our readers, you can also invite readers of your own. You can invite as many readers as you like. You are not billed for readers you invite. We continue to take care of reader support, deliver your files to them securely, send review reminders, keep track of whether they leave a review, and much more. In this regard, we don't distinguish between your readers and our readers. This is a great option if you have an existing team of readers who want to review your book or if you plan to reach out to potential reviewers even after listing your book on BookSirens. By inviting them to your BookSirens page, you can manage all your book review efforts from one single place!

There are many other reasons we believe BookSirens is better option for promoting ARCs; the above are the ones that seem to resonate with authors and publishers the most. You can browse all the features from our homepage.

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