Why should I NOT promote my ARC on BookSirens?

You should not use our service if:

  • You want guaranteed reviews. Sorry, we don't guarantee reviews. See Do you guarantee reviews?
  • You want positive reviews only. Our readers write honest reviews, which can sometimes be negative or lukewarm. They are not incentivized to write biased reviews. As of Jan 2020, the average review rating given by BookSirens readers, across all books, is 4.1 out of 5. If you would like to know genre specific averages, contact us.
  • You want zero risk of piracy. If you're publishing ebooks, you're already risking piracy. Not even Amazon can guarantee zero chance of piracy. But using an ARC site like BookSirens may increase your piracy risk. We take measures to reduce this risk, but we cannot eliminate the risk completely. See How do you guard against piracy?

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