Why should I use a service to send out ARCs / review copies to my readers?

Ok, so hopefully you are sold on the idea that sending ARCs is a valuable addition to your book marketing toolbox. And you have an ARC team or a strategy to find readers who might be interested in ARCs you put out. Good!

Now, you can either manage your ARC distribution on your own or you can use a service like BookSirens. If you were to do it on your own, you would need to probably do the following:

  1. Use email or a web form to track sign ups
  2. Manually vet readers who signup to ensure they are not just looking for freebies
  3. Deliver your files to readers who make the cut
  4. Address any technical issues that arise due to the myriad for reading devices out there
  5. Followup with readers, reminding them to leave a review
  6. Track who leaves a review and who doesn’t so you can be smarter about who gets future ARCs

Quite the time commitment, huh? You might be able to use services to help you for  some of those steps. But still, it feels like a lot, especially if you want to do things right and put your absolute best foot forward.

The good news is that BookSirens automates all of those steps for you and more, saving you hours of administrative work. With BookSirens, the only thing you need to do is submit your book to us and share the landing page we make for you with your readers / reviewers. This takes 30 minutes tops. Oh, and we do this at no monetary cost to you, no matter how many books you add or how many readers download your books.

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