Why should I use BookSirens instead of someone else?

Glad you asked. A few services help streamline ARC distribution, but the following things make BookSirens different:

  1. Save costs: To the best of our knowledge, we are the only forever free service to help you manage your ARC distribution end to end. This means if you become a BookSirens customer now, you can use this service for free, forever. If reducing marketing costs while getting reviews is important to you, then BookSirens is a great option.
  2. Delight your readers: Since 2018, BookSirens has been helping avid readers get access to high quality ARCs from indie and bestselling authors and small to large publishers. In this time, we have invested considerable energy to make a reader’s experience super easy and friendly — informative landing pages, the ability to download a book directly to their device of choice, the ability to leave a review on Amazon / Goodreads with a single click, and much more. By managing your ARC distribution using BookSirens, your readers can take advantage of the same experience that thousands of other readers enjoy every single day.

  1. Avoid Freebie Seekers: We help you send your ARCs only to readers who are likely to leave a review. We accomplish this by letting you vet readers' Goodreads and Amazon profiles before they download a book.

  1. High Level of Control: One of the biggest risks of inviting new readers to join your ARC team is you don't know their agenda. Are they in it for the free copy? Do they plan to upload your book somewhere? To alleviate this risk, you can opt in to having readers request your ARC as opposed to immediately download it. When a reader requests your ARC, you receive details about the reader (see below). Then you have the final say on whether they can get your ARC or not.

  1. Find more reviewers: We assume you already know reviewers whom you plan to send your ARCs to. But, maybe you want more reviewers? We also maintain a free to use book reviewer directory where you can find potential reviewers in your genre. Since they are already familiar with BookSirens, they are more likely to join your ARC team if your ARC is listed on BookSirens.
  2. ARCs are our thing: Some of the other services do dozens of things, ARC distribution being just one of many features. We pour ALL our energy into helping authors, publicists, and authors run their ARCs. It is our primary and only focus.

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