Why was my book declined for the DIY plan?

Naturally, being free invites a high volume of book submissions. It is unfortunately not feasible for us to accept every book submitted to us, nor respond to the specifics of why a book was declined. Here are some of the common reasons why we may decline a book:

  1. We generally prioritize books which have been published in the last 30 days or will be published in the future.
  2. We prioritize books which are well formatted and edited, ideally by a professional, and have a professional cover and compelling blurb. We may have found formatting and/or editing issues in your manuscript.
  3. We are temporarily at the capacity of what our support team can handle right now.

When we decline a book, we remove all associated book files from our systems. We'd be happy to refer you to other similar services who can help you distribute ARCs to your readers. Just ask.

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