How can I get a book to appear on my Kindle app / device?

Step 1: Click the link for your Amazon account's locale


Step 2: Click Preferences 

Step 3: Scroll down to Personal Document Settings

Step 4: Copy your Kindle email address

See multiple Kindle emails?

Each device has it's own unique Kindle email address. So make sure you copy the email address for the device where you wish to read the book!

Step 5: Add to your approved email list

Step 6: Add your BookSirens account's email to your approved email list

You only have to do the above steps once, when you get your  first book from us. 

Assuming you've done the above correctly, download your book:

  1. Go to your downloads page and click Download Again
  2. Select the Mobi or ePub format and the Send to Kindle delivery method. Enter the Kindle email address you found in Step 4 above.

Note: Amazon Kindle is discontinuing support for the Mobi format in favor of the ePub format. For many books, the Mobi format will not be available. If you're sending the ePub format to your Kindle for the first time, make sure you first update the software on your Kindle apps and devices so they can handle the ePub format.

  1. Click Get Book.

The book should appear on your Kindle app / device within 5-10 minutes. If it has been longer than 10 minutes and you still don't see it, please get in touch with us.

Note: On some Kindle devices like a Kindle Fire, the book may appear under a folder called "Docs" or "Personal Documents".

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