What is the acceptance criteria for the DIY plan?

As a general rule of thumb, we like to maintain a certain quality standard across our entire catalog. 

To maximize the chances of your book getting accepted to the DIY Plan, we recommend:

  1. A well designed, genre-targeted cover ideally made by a professional cover designer
  2. A catchy genre-targeted blurb, free of typos and grammatical issues
  3. A book published in the last 30 days or - even better - with a future publication date
  4. A book which can be read as a standalone, preferably not in a middle of a series which necessitates readers having read prior books
  5. A well-proofread and edited manuscript, ideally by a professional
  6. Well-formatted manuscripts, ideally formatted by professional writing software (ex. Vellum) or by a professional

We may still accept your book if one or more of these guidelines are not met. But the more guidelines that are met, the better your books' chances of being accepted.

Furthermore, authors who have a proven track record with previously published titles are more likely to be accepted.

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