How can I reach even more readers?

This answer assumes you're already enrolled in one of our promotions and you'd like to reach even more readers than the ones we're showing it to. We actively promote a book for a maximum of 3 months to our readers. 

Naturally, we can only show your book to readers who are aware of BookSirens and have signed up to our site. A large part of our effort goes into growing our readership over time. Our Instagram channel is one example. As more readers join BookSirens, the tide will rise for all books in our catalog. 

We don't give special preference to any titles (even if the author or publisher is willing to pay). In other words, there is currently no mechanism to "boost" a specific book. We also don't promote the same book twice (even if you're willing to pay). 

But, you can consider reaching out to readers yourself. You can find a partial list of reviewers (those with book blogs) in our book blogger directory. To reward you for your effort, if you're on the Promote Plan and find a reader yourself, we don't bill you for that download. Just make sure they use your invite link to access the ARC.

If your book is in a series, you can submit the next ARC in the series for consideration. When we promote the next book in a series, we also draw attention to previous books in the series, thereby potentially driving more downloads.

Finally, you may want to consider listing your book on other, similar sites as they may have readers that we don't have. If you email us, we'd be happy to recommend some sites.

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