Why has no one (or very few readers) downloaded my book?

Over the course of analyzing reader behavior, we have learned a few things about what drives readers to download a book.

Before asking this question, it is important to see how many readers have seen your book's cover to date. You can find this by looking at your book's Impressions stat on your book profile page. If less than 100 readers have seen your cover, just sit tight till you get a bigger sample.

If your book has more than 100 impressions but no or few downloads, here are some general suggestions to improve your chances of a download, ranked from highest to lowest priority:

  • Calculate your click through rate (CTR) by dividing the Clicks stat by the Impressions stat. This indicates the % of readers who click on your book cover after seeing it in one our emails or website recommendations. A good book cover yields a 7-10% click through rate. If yours is much lower, consider revamping your cover.
  • Another reason for a low CTR is that your book's genres are not accurate or sufficient. We recommend specifying ~4-5 genres and being as specific as possible (ex. saying Science Fiction Romance is better than saying Romance). This helps us put your book in front of the right readers.
  • Ensure you have a catchy tagline. After the cover, this is the next thing readers see on a book's profile page. A catchy tagline keeps the reader on your book page.
  • Check your book blurb and author bio for grammatical errors. Our readership primarily consists of voracious bibliophiles who have no shortage of books to read. They will pass on a book which gives any indication of poor editing. A well written / edited blurb and author bio will ensure a strong first impression.
  • Provide as many download formats as possible. People who read ebooks have diverse reading preferences nowadays. In case you need help generating a Mobi, read this. In case you need help generating an ePub, read this.
  • Ensure you have a reading sample. We recommend a 10-page sample for novels and 7-page sample for novellas. This is a good way to keep a reader on your book page if they like your blurb and cover but are still in two minds whether to take the plunge into your book. Our data indicates that books with a sample drive more downloads than those without. A sample also ensures that readers don't take a gamble when they download your book, thereby helping you with higher review rates and less wasteful downloads (and therefore less wasted $).

You can update all of your book's information and files via your book's edit page. It will take effect within an hour. If you want to update your book's genres, you can contact us, as we are still working on the interface to let authors update genres themselves.

Please keep in mind that taking the above steps will improve the chances of someone downloading your book, but still does not  guarantee downloads. You can keep your book on BookSirens for up to 3 months, so we encourage authors to keep experimenting with different covers, taglines, blurbs, etc... this will not only help with BookSirens but will help more broadly, too. 

If you are in good shape on all the above, following are some other reasons why no one (or very few readers) may have downloaded your book:

  • Your book is an older release, which generally tend to be less popular than new / future releases; part of the allure of being an ARC reader is being among the first to read a new book
  • Your book is in the middle or end of a series; this may turn off readers who prefer to read previous books in the series first
  • Other books in your genre are simply getting more attention, and there are no readers currently free to commit to your book.
  • It is possible we don't have available readers in your specific genre, especially if your genre is not mainstream. While our readers' genre preferences span across almost all genres, we do have some blind spots. 

If no BookSirens readers have downloaded your book and it has been 30 days, feel free to ask us for a refund.

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