What are reader credits and how do they work?

TLDR: Reader credits save you money! If you have X reader credits, then we do NOT bill you for the next X readers who download your books. You are awarded reader credits based on the scenarios described below.

As you know, under the Promote plan, we bill you $2 per reader who downloads your book. However, not all readers who download your book will be ultimately useful to you. For example, a reader may download your book, face technical issues with their Kindle, and give up. Or they might be abducted by aliens and decide to prioritize their survival over finishing your book. You get the idea.

Well, being the pragmatists that we are, we don't think you should be spending money on readers who download your book and:

  • Never get back to you with feedback or get back to you really late
  • Do not finish your book for a reason that is not attributable to your book (ex. technical trouble, they got busy)
  • Leave a 3+ star review, but not at your desired destination

Reader credits is our way of ensuring that, long term, you are only paying for tangible results. Before we bill you for readers who downloaded your book in the current billing period, we will check to see whether you are entitled to receive reader credits for readers who downloaded your book in previous billing periods. If so, we will automatically apply those credits to your next bill, saving you money.

Lets work through an example...

  1. Imagine 10 readers download your book in the first billing period. We bill you $20 for these downloads. 
  2. Then, 8 readers download your book in the second billing period. Meanwhile, one of the readers who downloaded your book in the first billing period decides to DNF your book due to technical issues. 
  3. When we bill you for the second billing period, we will award you 1 reader credit. 
  4. Thus, you will be billed for 7 readers (instead of 8) — $14. 
  5. In summary, even though 18 readers downloaded your book in total, you are only billed for 17 of them.

Reader credits save you money!

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