Why was my book declined for the promotion?

NOTE: If your book was published over 30 days ago, that is often a common reason for the decline. Our readers - being ARC readers - prefer to read books with future publication dates. Thank you for understanding. If your book was more recently published, see below for other possible reasons for a decline.

We receive a high volume of submissions. It is unfortunately not feasible for us to accept every book submitted to us, nor respond to the specifics of why a book was declined. Often the reason for a decline has nothing to do with the book or author but simply lack of spot availability.

Here are some of the common reasons why we may decline a book:

  1. We already have too many books in your genre relative to the number of readers who read those genres. In other words, some genres are more saturated than others. To ensure every book gets a decent shot at the spotlight, we may temporarily stop taking books in some genres until more readers become available.
  2. You are submitting your second or third book, and we want to see how our readers respond to your first book before taking on more.
  3. We generally prioritize books which have been published in the last 30 days or will be published in the future, as that what our readers tend to prefer most.
  4. If you made it to step 2 in our submission process, we may have found formatting and/or editing issues in your manuscript.
  5. We don't think your book will resonate with our readers at this time and, therefore, we want to protect you from wasting your time and money.

When we decline a book, we remove all associated book files from our systems.

We welcome and encourage you to submit your book as many times as you like. However, please note that we will only consider the same book at most once every 3 months. You are only billed if we accept your book.

Last but not least, we recommend you checkout our book reviewer directory. It has ~1000+ reviewers whom you can search by genre and filter according to your preferences. The directory is a great way to find and connect with reviewers outside of BookSirens, and it is absolutely free to use!

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