What is the book acceptance criteria for authors in the Author plan?

If you are enrolled in the Author plan, you can list as many books as you wish under a single pen name, and we'll promote all of them. Each promotion lasts 3 months.

However, since our audience primarily consists of ARC readers - who prefer to be among the first to read new titles - we can only commit to promoting books which you've published in the last 90 days or will publish in the future. 

There are three circumstances in which we will additionally promote older titles:

  1. We have space available at the time of submission. This is rare, and we cannot predict this in advance.
  2. The older title is a prerequisite for a new title. For example, if book 1 was published one year ago and you want to list book 2 which is a new release.
  3. You contact us prior to enrolling in the Author plan about wanting to list specific older titles and we agree.

The Author plan can be an economical option compared to the Promote plan if you have published several books in the last 90 days and / or plan to publish multiple books over the next 12 months.

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