Why did Amazon not approve my review?

So you submitted a review to Amazon, but they didn't approve it. There could be many reasons for this. Since we don't know their system and are not affiliated with Amazon, we can only guess what their reason might be. But we have noticed some patterns over the years. 

Resubmit your review...

Sometimes, you can re-submit your review to Amazon. Below are a couple tips on how to maximize the chances of Amazon approving your review when you re-submit:

  1. Log out of your Amazon account. Log back in and then re-submit the review. This simple thing sometimes does the trick.
  2. Don't use the phrase "in exchange for" or "in exchange of". Instead use this disclaimer:

    I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

    The idea is to make it clear that you were not obligated to write a review just because you got a free copy.
  3. Amazon is quite liberal in what it considers profanity. Even words like "bloody", "hell", and "damn" may prevent your review from being approved. So, scan your review and remove / substitute any potentially triggering words.

While adhering to the above won't guarantee Amazon's approval, they will improve your odds.


Some readers have been successful in having their reviews reinstated by writing to review-appeals@amazon.com and community-help@amazon.com.

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