How can I contact readers who've requested or downloaded my book?

At the moment, you can only contact readers if they've shared their email address with you. To respect GDPR best practices, we do not share reader email addresses by default. But we make it easy for readers to share their email with you if they wish to. You can learn more about that here: How can I get my reviewers' email addresses?

If you wish to contact readers to remind them to leave a review, we already take care of that. Learn more here: When are review reminders sent out?

If you wish to alert readers that you've uploaded a new and much improved version of your manuscript, email us with a one sentence description of the changes you've made. We'll pass the message along to readers who've downloaded an older version of your manuscript.

If you wish to contact a reader about an unfair or erroneous review, please refer to this FAQ.

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