How do I stay within my budget?

For popular genres, we might be able to put your ARC in front of over a thousand readers. But you can set a limit on how many readers can join your review team on a first come first serve basis. Once this limit is reached, no more readers will be able to join your review team (unless you decide to add more reader spots).

By setting a limit on how many readers can join your ARC team, you ensure that you stay within your budget.

Lets walk through an example...

Say your budget is $50. After the $10 listing fee, this leaves you with $40. Under the Promote Plan, it's $2 / reader we find for you who joins your ARC team. So, to ensure you stay within your budget, you can set your reader spots to 20. 

If all spots are claimed, we stop promoting your ARC to our readers. If you later decide to increase your budget, you can easily add more reader spots, and we'll resume the promotion automatically.

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