Will the review on BookSirens appear on Amazon?

You're scrolling through your BookSirens feed and see a great review left by a reader. 

Now you're wondering: will that review appear on Amazon?

This depends on a few things. 

First and most importantly, did you select Amazon as you preferred review destination? If you selected Amazon along with other sites like Goodreads, then it's possible the reader may not be eligible to post a review on Amazon but can post the review on one of the other sites you selected. So, if you're primarily interested in Amazon reviews, we recommend setting Amazon as your one and only destination. This will tell us to only show your ARC to readers whom we believe can leave a review on Amazon.

Assuming your preferred review destination is Amazon, the next thing to check is your book's release date. Readers can only leave reviews on Amazon after the book's release date. And we remind readers on the website and via email to copy over their BookSirens review to Amazon on your book's release date. Most of the time, readers follow through on this. And if they need technical support, we walk them through the process. 

Once a readers submits their review, Amazon takes anywhere from a few hours to a few days to approve the review. If they approve the review, they usually notify the reader. We ask readers to share a link to their Amazon review once their review gets approved. Most do. Then we update your activity feed and analytics to reflect the same, so you can easily go to all your Amazon reviews from one place!

But sometimes, things don't work out so smooth. 

  • A reader may miss our reminders and / or life gets in the way. 
  • A reader may not be eligible to post a review on Amazon. 
  • A reader may submit their review to Amazon, but Amazon doesn't approve the review.
  • Amazon approves the review, but the reader doesn't share the link to the review with us, so we have no proof. 

All these possibilities are outside our control, unfortunately. But if we found this reader for you and you're on the Promote Plan, we award you a reader credit

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