Can I promote my book a second time?

Unfortunately, no.

With the way our system is designed, each book is promoted once to our community over a span of 3 months. After that, you can keep your book on BookSirens indefinitely, but we'll stop actively promoting it. Readers may still access your book in search results, their bookmarks, or via your invite links.

If you're wondering how to attract more readers to your book after a promotion has be ended, checkout this FAQ.

Can I start a promotion from scratch?

Halfway through a promotion, you may decide to make a significant change to your cover or take a different direction with the blurb. Even then, we cannot start the promotion from scratch. It would be unfair to other books which readers haven't had a chance to see even once.

What if this is a different format, new edition, or significantly revised?

As long as it shares the same Amazon page, Goodreads page, or other store identifiers with other formats or previous editions, we cannot promote it again. If it has a brand new Amazon page, Goodreads page, and other store identifiers, email us. You can also consider updating your book files for the original listing.

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