Why is my review rate low among BookSirens readers?

First, it is important to see how many readers have downloaded your book. If only a handful of readers have downloaded your book, then a low review rate could just be a fluke. For instance, it is premature to be worried about a low review rate if 1 out of 3 readers have left a review. Even though this is a 33% review rate, a sample size of 3 is too small.

Second, it is important to see if readers have had enough time to read your book. You can decide how long readers get to read your book. You can also see when readers downloaded your book in the activity feed on your book's page. Based on that, you can determine whether a reader has passed the read deadline without leaving a review.

Assuming your sample size is large enough (20+ readers) and they have all had enough time to leave a review, a low review rate can be due to the following reasons:

  • Readers are not finishing your book. In these cases, it is customary for readers to tell us they did not finish your book and give a reason why. We share this reason with you.
  • Plain and simple bad luck (ex. the school year got busy and a bunch of your readers happen to be students who fell behind on their reviews)

In both cases, we recommend ensuring that your book is well edited, formatted, and overall awesome. There is a very strong correlation between book quality and review rate.

The  overall review rate among BookSirens readers is ~75%. But, we cannot guarantee that a specific book will achieve this review rate, since we have little control over the book content.

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