When are reviews posted?

This depends on how long you give readers to read your book.

By default, we give readers anywhere between 30 to 90 days to read your book. We follow this formula:

  • If your book has not been published yet, readers get 30 days or the number of days till the publication date, whichever is longer.
  • If your book has been published in the last 30 days, readers get 30 days.
  • If your book bas been published for longer than 30 days, readers get 90 days.

You can override these defaults and customize how long readers have to read your book. You can pick from two options:

  1. You can set a review deadline: a date by when readers must read your book, regardless of when they join your ARC team. Readers won't be able to join your ARC team after this date. Many authors pick this option if they want all the reviews in by a certain specific date (ex. the book's publication)
  2. You can set the number of days a reader has to review your book from the day they join your ARC team. Let say you set this to 14 days. If a reader downloads your book on June 1, the reader has until June 14 to read / review it. If another reader downloads your book on June 10, that reader has until June 24 to read / review it.

Note that the longer readers get to read your book, the more likely they are to commit to your book; but this also means it might take longer to get reviews. So there is a tradeoff, and ultimately, it depends on what you want to optimize for: more readers or faster reviews.

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