How do I stop more readers from downloading my ARC?

To stop more readers from downloading your ARC:
  1. Go to your books.
  2. Click Edit under the book you want to pause.
  3. Click the Readers tab.
  4. Update the Status of your ARC from Live to Paused
  5. Click Update.

If you were promoting your book to the BookSirens community, follow the additional step below:

  1. Click the Invite tab.
  2. Update the Status of your ARC from Live to Paused
  3. Click Update.

You can resume the listing at any time by updating the status from  Paused to Live.

When your ARC is paused, new readers will not be able to access your book page nor download your book. Readers who've already downloaded your book will not be affected and they may still leave reviews even after your ARC is paused.

If you'd like to permanently remove your book from our servers, contact us. Kindly note that this cannot be undone. Readers who've already downloaded your book to their device(s) will not lose their copy.

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