What books can I list under the Author Plan?

If you're enrolled in the Author Plan, you can list as many books as you wish under two pen names, and we'll promote all of them. Each promotion lasts 3 months.

The books must meet the following criteria:

  1. Written in English
  2. Be published in the last 30 days or will be published in the future
  3. Not promoted to our community previously

An Important Note on Older Books

Part of the allure of being an ARC reader is being among the first to read a new book, ideally before it's published. To keep readers happy, it's our duty to ensure that our catalog primarily consists of new / future release books.

If a big reason you're considering the Author Plan is because you want to promote older titles or revitalize your backlist, please reconsider. The Author Plan is best suited if you've published several books in the last 30 days and / or plan to publish multiple books over the next 12 months.

With that said, there are three circumstances in which we can still promote older titles if you're on the Author Plan:

  1. We have space available at the time of submission. This is rare, and we cannot predict this in advance.
  2. The older title is a prerequisite for a new title. For example, if book 1 was published one year ago and is a pre-requisite for book 2 which is a new release. See this FAQ for what you should expect in this case.
  3. You contact us prior to enrolling in the Author Plan about wanting to list specific older titles and we agree. When you contact us, please share your Amazon or Goodreads author page with us so we can get a feel for your books. The less popular the genre, the more likely we'll agree because those genres tend to have spots available. It's unlikely (but not impossible) we'll agree for popular genres like Romance, Fantasy, etc...

Even if we list your older books (i.e. those published over 30 days ago), they will tend to have a harder time attracting ARC readers on BookSirens since readers have plenty of new / future books to choose from instead. 

What if this is the second (or third, etc...) edition of my book?

To avoid ambiguity about editions and revisions, our definition of an older book is a book whose Amazon Kindle page displays a publication date older than 30 days.

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